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Do more with less using digital tools

KiQs makes teaching easier and keeps your students wanting more

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Teach content that
your students love

Browse our extensive library to choose from the our ready-made playlists.

Teach from a proven international curriculum.

Personalize your curriculum by uploading your own content and creating your own quizzes and assignments.

Easily manage your students with our Centralized Data System

Manage with Batches

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Do it faster. Manage enrollment, track progress, plan activities and provide support to students using our Batch system. 

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Easy Student Data

Save time and effort by efficiently managing student data. Parent info, classroom, assignments, report cards and more are all in one place.

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Smart Scheduling

Schedule classes the right way.
The automatic system makes it conflict and hassle-free

Need Help?
Get Support from our service hotline

Need help with the platform or have feedback about the content?


Our dedicated staff will be there to help you with your needs.


Teachers love KiQs


KIQS keeps my students engaged and helps them absorb tough topics better!


My students love KIQS.


The language apps let my students play while they learn. They pick up the language easier as a result.

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