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Unlimited library for every family

Ayo jelajahi dunia pembelajaran yang menyenangkan

Dibuat berdasarkan

6 domain pembelajaran

Discovery of the world


Widen children’s understanding through all their senses with a range of tools and resources to find out about their environment 



Cultivate children's problem solving skills and spatial concepts in daily experiences.

Aesthetic & creative expression


Explore, enjoy and create elements of art, music and movement through a variety of tools to share feelings and expressions.

Language and literacy


Foundation to help each child build confidence, develop their thinking, learning and communi-cate effectively.

Social & emotional development


Facilitate children’s development of personal identity, social awareness and socially acceptable behaviours and values.

Physical skills development


Foundational gross and fine motor skills that develops children’s physical fitness, agility and coordination.


Screen time you can feel good about

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Spark the love
of learning

Enjoy 1,000+ interactive videos, games, quizzes educational songs and chants

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Grow through exploration

Explore the topics you love and discover new ones,
all while learning about the world around you!

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Succeed in the classroom & beyond

Our ever-expanding library and enrichment tools
boost learning and critical thinking skills

Unlimited library for every family

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