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Weak cognitive skills can stumble your child’s thinking, learning, reading, memory and attention.

Thankfully, due to the neuroplasticity of our brains, your child’s cognitive abilities can be trained and strengthened. Brain Training uses fun and intensive mental exercises to target cognitive weaknesses, transforming the way your child learns. The transformation of your child’s cognitive skills and learning abilities is guaranteed to give him/her the confidence to perform in school, at work and in life.


At Singapore Brain Development Centre, we are committed to our mission of “Changing lives and unleashing the fullest potential”. Over the past 16 years, we have helped thousands of students develop their capabilities and gain confidence in learning. We are confident that we can help your child too.


Course 1: 


Course Information

The Smart Cognitive Assessor comprises of 4 assessments, each working on one core cognitive ability:

  • Flash & Dash: Measures Processing Speed

  • Visual Puzzle: Measures Visual Processing

  • Memory Recall: Measures Working Memory

  • Pattern Sequence: Measures Logic & Reasoning


Course 2: 


Course Information

The Smart Brain Trainer comprises 6 brain game workouts designed to engage all 5 core functions: speed, memory, focus, adaptability, and reasoning. This training process requires the use of one or more of your mental and cognitive abilities at any one time. 


Ultimately, we want to maximize your cognitive abilities and hence we encourage daily practice. The Assessor can be used as a post evaluation assessment to determine your improvement and/or differences after practising your abilities with the Trainer.

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